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Frequently asked questions about Pampas Grass


Hello Pampas Grass lovers! Thank you all for your interest in LUXE B pampas grass.  I’ve been getting a lot of questions about pampas lately and I thought it was time to clarify some of those frequently asked questions.  Here’s the scoop on this current number one wedding trending product:

How long does pampas last? Ideally, this bohemian styled beauty lasts up to 3 years.

What are the best ways to prolong its life span? Dusting is key! I suggest taking it outside and shaking it gently to get rid of accumulated dust. 

Should you water pampas? No folks, no need! It’s a dried flower and doesn’t require water! Which makes this plant ideal for those people who tend to forget to water their plant babies! 

Does hairspray help with shedding? Ideally you don’t need to as it is treated after being harvested, however, if you notice after the 6-12 months that it does start to shed some of its plumes you can lightly spray with hairspray or a floral protectant spray to maintain the plumes.

Where does pampas grass originate from?  Pampas grass is native to South America. You can find it primarily in Argentina and some other South American countries. Pampas is named after a region in Argentina. This region of Argentina is considered to be one of the most fertile landmasses in the world, however that being said most of our pampas is sourced locally from Californian farmers.

What’s the best way to avoid shedding of the plumes? Our farmers do treat the crop after they harvest them. You are bound to lose some volume but they should stay full and beautiful if you keep them in a nice environment. The environment that we tend to not style them is close to a window or in direct sunlight as it will affect the product and make it dry. So the key is to AVOID DIRECT SUNLIGHT!

How tall is Pampas Grass?  Pampas Grass has many variations of different plumes. Some pampas are really fluffy, while others are really feathery. Pampas can grow up to 5 feet tall. Here is our largest variation (Type 6 natural )


Is Pampas grass naturally white? Some variation of pampas have white tones but naturally pampas are nude, beige, dark brown or even gray. 

Type 1 and Type 2 naturally are gray so our pampas that are white or close to white is bleached to achieve that wedding look that is brides are always after.  

Are pink pampas natural? Actual yes it is! Pampas does grow in variations of pink however at Luxe b our famous blush pink and also our light pink is both dyed with exclusive pink hues. Check out this Blush pink look! 

First Photo by photographer @nicolehernandezphotography

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Check out this dreamy holiday decor using Pampas!

Check out this dreamy holiday decor using Pampas!

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