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Rice Flower Stems

  • Each bundle contains 2 stems.
  • White
  • The Rice Flowers Stems are approximately 23 inches tall, each stem may differ in size.
  • The Rice Flowers stems would be a perfect addition to your farmhouse decor  
  • DIY projects are the perfect way to utilize any of our dried floral products. Allow yourself to personally customize your own floral arrangement for your home or office. Also great to incorporate into any of your bridal designs.


  • These dried rice flowers are top-heavy with a sturdy stem. The buds are very delicate. 
  • Please handle with care as this is a real dried flower and is fragile, these can be trimmed with floral shears. 

Please Note:
  • All our dried floral and pampas come scented with our signature pampas spray that is launching soon. If you prefer to have your items unscented please connect by email.

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